Sensual Stocking Fetish Seduction Phone Sex

I am your one and only Sensual Mistress of Seduction! I am the only one that you need, and the only one that your crave. You love my touch…   you want my touch, hell, you dream of it. Cum here to me, worship this Goddesses stockings. Give into your stalking fetish with me Mistress Peyton. I am going to tell you what I want from you, and you will take that and implement them right away. 1) I want to feel your hands up and down my silky black pantyhose. 2) I want to feel your hot, warm breath up and down my legs guided by your slutty little lips. 3) Then you are going to open wide and suck on these pantyhose covered toes. 4) You had better stifle that leakage; I don’t want to see it. 5) You are going to sit on your heels as I run my stocking covered feet all over that cock that you are trying to control.

Be a good little slave, get to the bench. The bench that I will strap your ankles and wrists. I know how much you are looking forward to this attention from your Mistress.  I am going to take my stalkings off, seductively slow, right above your face. Tell me, you stalking fetish fuck, how does it feel to only be able to look and not touch?  You like it when your mistress hovers her sexy bits and her stalking right over your face. You can look, smell but never feel her. Taking my sexy silky black stockings and drag them down your body and over your throbbing hard cock. Watching your shake with anticipation and tremble at my touch.


Your Mistress is straddling her pantyhose whore and shoving them all into your mouth. I want you to get them nice and wet for me, so I can now, do beautiful things to you with my wet sloppy pantyhose. How does that feel? Do You like that? Do You want more? Tighter even? Feeling my black, sloppy wet, silky stalkings touching your balls and then tying them nice and tight. With every cinching motion from your mistress and the restriction around your sack, you flinch in pain, but mostly pleasure. Cum and play with your Sensual Domination Mistress Peyton, and I will show you what it i is like to be on the receiving end of greatness.


Talk Soon,
Miss Peyton
1-800-863-5478 Ext: 9978383
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