A Submissive Will Sense Power

Good Boy


Power, A sub Will Feel It!

A submissive will sense the raw personal inner power of the Dominant and react naturally to it. The reaction of course will depend on the type of submissive and what level of training and experience the submissive may already have. Any other Dominance in the same room will notice as well and react naturally to it as well.

There is a certain way a Lady of Power carries herself.

The way she walks into a room that exudes confidence and the knowledge of her self that comes from a deep inner core. That type of Power and confidence can not be taught, but must be inborn or develop naturally from within. She knows what she is worth without necessarily have an attitude of entitlement about her, but never even questions that she will have what she desires and that it is her right to claim it from a willing partner. Consent is a beautiful thing indeed.

Once contact is made and it is the right pairing so to speak.

There is a delicious natural tension between the D and the s. An unspoken sensual charge that is in the air and flows over your entire body and into the senses.

The deep desire of the submissive to want to kneel and please the Goddess standing before him. The sensual energies that fire up the hidden desires is so strong that you could almost cut it with a knife. For the discerning Lady and one of experience she would easily note the change in your breathing, the change in your tone of voice as you speak to her, the dilation of your pupils. All outward signs of your instant arousal and interest. As I so often say, your cock is rather unimportant since you do give off so many other beautiful signs that you can hardly contain yourself.

Naturally a series of tests will begin.

Oh yes, dear, a Mistress will automatically test the potential sub before her and it can be done at any time and in any place in very subtle ways that are invisible in the intend and meaning to those around you.

You can tell so much about a person and if they are truly submissive at the core or just playing the role of a submissive when their interest and sexual needs are sparked during some of those easy tests.

A natural submissive has unconscious and very instinctual reactions which happen instantly, while someone who is simply playing the role of a submissive will have a slight hesitation or requires to be told what to do.

The truly deep seated need to be of use to the Mistress before him coupled with his natural tendencies to wish to be of service and to be pleasing in all things to her, will have the good boy act in a submissive way without thought. That is why it is often made clear by highly experienced Mistresses that most true at the core submissive males are Gentlemen as well. They depict a lot of the old fashioned and traditional manners and behaviors towards Ladies and wouldn’t have it any other way.

If this has sparked your curiosity and you would like to know more, then be a good boy now. Add funds to your account for an at least 20 minute call and pick up the phone to speak to me. It’s time you gained a little more understanding and of course have the privilege of kneeling at my virtual feet

Talk Soon Naughty One,

Miss Peyton

Accepting and changing

Hi, my name is Cinnamon, I feel very honoured to have been asked to write a guest blog post by Mistress Peyton, and have struggled for a few days to come up with a good idea. However I think i’d like to make a post about how I feel I have grown as a person since I started to accept my submissive side more.

Over the last few years I have been no stranger to exploring my submissive and cross dressing side, which I’ve been aware of since my teen years. Although I used to try and hide it, I dont think I particularly felt ashamed as such, just was aware that maybe I was a little different from the norm. I still remember buying my first ever lipstick, It was around Halloween one year and I remember saying it was for a fancy dress costume, how original right??

Up until april last year, my only real experiences were online, and on phone sex platforms, it became like a little treat for myself every now and again, and with the Mean Girls who I called regularly turned into my first period of orgasm control. Most of the calls I had revolved around humiliation, with plenty of teasing, and a fair few in between call assignments. However I was still hiding my kinky side, I have a couple of really good close friends, one in particular who could tell there was something going on with me, she had no idea what, but that I always seemed to be a bit closed off, especially around ideas like dating (i guess theres only so many ways I can turn down being set up on blind dates) I can remember the afternoon so clearly, she came round to mine and basically said she wasn’t leaving till she knew what was going on. There was a lot of tears, a lot of hugging, and for me a huge sense of relief, ever since then she has been so supportive with things like advice on clothing, and just chatting etc

I had been getting an itch for a while, and at the end of another intense phone call with the Mean Girls I asked them if they would mind if I tried to make a session appointment with a Mistress in my localish area. They said it was ok, and after some research and a couple of enquiries I found myself with a session booked with Mistress Courtney. I had no idea whatsoever what to expect, I had mentioned some of my interests, and the couple of hard limits I have but was really taking a step into the unknown. I had such a rush of feelings that day, from the nerves beforehand, all the way to the excitement in the dungeon and the floaty feeling of exhilaration I felt afterwards. I think I knew straight away that I would try to do something like this again.

Over the next year and a bit I’ve had a few more sessions with Mistress Courtney, and have been lucky enough to meet some wonderful people who have helped me look at things differently, and experience things I have never thought would be possible. From helping Mistress at a filming day, (very eye-opening for someone who hasnt exactly got very extreme tastes) which has happened a few times since as well, to being a helper for Mistress as she did a demo at a hen party (bachelorette party for the Americans) Now that was pretty humiliating but at the same time thrilling. I also have been out a few times as Cinnamon, I found some kinky parties that were being held in a Dungeon Chambers not too far away and have been to a few now, as well as going to a fetish club in London with Mistress Courtney, and a femdom night in Manchester.

Heres the thing, I still consider myself to be fairly new at all of this, but know that I am really enjoying it. I have found that my thoughts and fantasies seem to be evolving all the time, I no longer have that same craving for humiliation, dont get me wrong used in play it would leave me weak at the knees, but say outside of a session Its not something I want all the time. Whereas I get cravings now for things like being restrained, spanked and all sorts that i’d never really experienced before. I guess being out as Cinnamon at the kinky parties has given me a confidence, and an escape. I know I did all my kinky things locked away at home in the past but now I have an avenue to explore it all, and luckily I feel totally accepted. This has really helped me in my vanilla life, yes damn I have a pretty crappy day job, but I no longer feel miserable about it every day. I know that its just an essential part of life that helps me indulge in this other side of me.

Somehow in real life as well I feel more confident. Maybe when I was hiding this side of me away deep down I thought there was something wrong with me, i’ve realized now that there isn’t, everybody is different and theres nothing wrong with being myself.  Yes in vanilla life there aren’t exactly many people who know. I think i’ll keep it that way, but most people around me (friends, family, colleagues) say I seem much happier now, Ironically some of them think I have a secret girlfriend or something.

Looking forward I know i’ll keep exploring my kinks and fetishes, and am looking forward to trying some more things that Mistress Courtney has mentioned, and attend more kinky events as and when I can. Although I dont really go in for the phones ex calls anymore though I do still have a soft spot for the Mean Girls, I think the calls I had with them over the course of a year built me into a position where I felt the urge to explore in real life. I tell you I am so glad I did.


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The Helpless Submissive

Helpless SubmissiveMy name is Scott. A couple years ago, I was privileged to call Mistress Peyton. I immediately fell in love with her voice and mind. She immediately began to probe me, asking questions finding out what made me tick…discovering all the dirty details of my life. See I have always had to exist as a vanilla alpha male. But in my heart of hearts, I am a Helpless Submissive.

Slowly I opened my soul to her, telling her my secret cravings and yearning to be completely controlled mind and body by a strong yet feminine woman. She continued probing me making me feel so warm inside. And I continued to divulge to her… information more private in nature.

Inside..I wanted her to know…who I was, what I was… where I lived, my wife’s name, etc. To this day, I’m unsure if my longing was implanted in me by her superiority or not. But it doesn’t matter anymore. So I began a game of cat and mouse with her, not knowing how formidable the Cat really was. To Mistress Peyton, it was no game. I confessed to my Mistress my intrigue about being TOTALLY controlled…. and not just on the phone.

I needed her blackmail to control me. Part of me was terrified, while part of me got rock hard thinking about it. So I told Mistress Peyton my real first name and the first letter of my last name. I told her in detail Mistress my real occupation. And the State where I reside. I assumed that I was safe. I assumed I had withheld enough personal information…to keep her from really knowing me.

Needless to say, Mistress Peyton is superior. She is VERY smart and VERY serious. We talked a number of times and each time I confessed my secret desires to her. She very greedily soaked it all in and my Mistress excellent mind and memory. She never forgets details. So I shared how I have cheated on my wife and had seen prodommes and I divulged my secret desire to suck cock, even be fucked by a cock. And to me…this was all sorts of a game and sort of serious. Every time we talked or chatted…she was so sweet… and kept telling me…if I ask for it…she WILL give it to me.

And all along…I was clueless…that she knew exactly who I was. She knew my full name. She saw me and my wife in a pic on line. She had access to business website.complete with address and phone number. She gained all of this…with her incredible mind…her sweet coaxing… her determination. She recently told me…my name. Showed she could destroy me…but my destruction has never and is not what my Mistress is about.

Mistress is about molding. Nurturing…caring. Don’t get me wrong…she is very strong. She is the epitome of what a Goddess is….but my Mistress is absolutely trustworthy. She holds me in her soft yet determined grip. A place I have longed to be….but was afraid to be, She would never harm me…she could…but she’s my protector. She uses my real identity.simply to mold me…into the fashion she knows is necessary. She’s the One who was meant. To mold me. She’s the one who will unleash the slave I am. When I think of her…I know…we were meant to be…I trust her.

She’s the One who can fulfill many desires I have…she’s my mentor..My guide…my Goddess. I go to sleep thinking of her.I wake up…thinking of her.
I have no idea where she plans to take me, but so look forward to the trip. I need her…I’m so glad the game is over.and now I can do…what I was meant to do. Serve Mistress Peyton.

Hers always,

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Wicked Mistress

Oh my, the Wicked Mistress does weave a tangled web. Thank you my new toy for the sordid story time today. I will keep my end of the deal and save you from yourself. YOU on the other hand must uphold your end and let us arrange that date with destiny. ~smirks~Wicked Mistress

Wicked Mistress has a story of a boy toy to tell, seems he has himself a beautiful wife he wanted to introduce into the world of swinging. Tsk boy toy didn’t think that one through. Ha/ha He had no idea the end result would get to him so much.

Here we are years down the road and the boy sits as he watches his wife take the BBC as his cock twitches… OH but not from what you’d think. Slow down now. Stay with me… what his cock reacts to are the dirty thoughts going on in his brain.  He wants the two of them to own him.  He wants the big bull to completely dominate every facet of his life.  Talk about a major back fire.  Not at all what he thought his swinging days would turn out to be.

Oh!  And the plot thickens.  What really turns my boy on is when this one BBC Bull comes over and refers to him as the Bitch Boy.  He tells him he hasn’t told him he can watch, he also informs him that his wife no longer belongs to him neither does that pussy, it’s his.  The most humiliating part of it all is when The Bull forces him to take down his shorts and reveal he has NEARLY 5 inches.  (I had to Laugh)  Imagine being my boy.

Now I know you have to be thinking Mistress how could you do this to your boy, and the answer is simple.  As with this story there is so much more to come.  I haven’t yet told his darkest secret, and it’s a very juicy one that took place right here in my town.  You just that cuckolding was a twist to this tale.  This story is to be cont. For Sure.

Talk Soon Naughty Ones

Mistress Peyton