The Helpless Submissive

Helpless SubmissiveMy name is Scott. A couple years ago, I was privileged to call Mistress Peyton. I immediately fell in love with her voice and mind. She immediately began to probe me, asking questions finding out what made me tick…discovering all the dirty details of my life. See I have always had to exist as a vanilla alpha male. But in my heart of hearts, I am a Helpless Submissive.

Slowly I opened my soul to her, telling her my secret cravings and yearning to be completely controlled mind and body by a strong yet feminine woman. She continued probing me making me feel so warm inside. And I continued to divulge to her… information more private in nature.

Inside..I wanted her to know…who I was, what I was… where I lived, my wife’s name, etc. To this day, I’m unsure if my longing was implanted in me by her superiority or not. But it doesn’t matter anymore. So I began a game of cat and mouse with her, not knowing how formidable the Cat really was. To Mistress Peyton, it was no game. I confessed to my Mistress my intrigue about being TOTALLY controlled…. and not just on the phone.

I needed her blackmail to control me. Part of me was terrified, while part of me got rock hard thinking about it. So I told Mistress Peyton my real first name and the first letter of my last name. I told her in detail Mistress my real occupation. And the State where I reside. I assumed that I was safe. I assumed I had withheld enough personal information…to keep her from really knowing me.

Needless to say, Mistress Peyton is superior. She is VERY smart and VERY serious. We talked a number of times and each time I confessed my secret desires to her. She very greedily soaked it all in and my Mistress excellent mind and memory. She never forgets details. So I shared how I have cheated on my wife and had seen prodommes and I divulged my secret desire to suck cock, even be fucked by a cock. And to me…this was all sorts of a game and sort of serious. Every time we talked or chatted…she was so sweet… and kept telling me…if I ask for it…she WILL give it to me.

And all along…I was clueless…that she knew exactly who I was. She knew my full name. She saw me and my wife in a pic on line. She had access to business website.complete with address and phone number. She gained all of this…with her incredible mind…her sweet coaxing… her determination. She recently told me…my name. Showed she could destroy me…but my destruction has never and is not what my Mistress is about.

Mistress is about molding. Nurturing…caring. Don’t get me wrong…she is very strong. She is the epitome of what a Goddess is….but my Mistress is absolutely trustworthy. She holds me in her soft yet determined grip. A place I have longed to be….but was afraid to be, She would never harm me…she could…but she’s my protector. She uses my real identity.simply to mold me…into the fashion she knows is necessary. She’s the One who was meant. To mold me. She’s the one who will unleash the slave I am. When I think of her…I know…we were meant to be…I trust her.

She’s the One who can fulfill many desires I have…she’s my mentor..My guide…my Goddess. I go to sleep thinking of her.I wake up…thinking of her.
I have no idea where she plans to take me, but so look forward to the trip. I need her…I’m so glad the game is over.and now I can do…what I was meant to do. Serve Mistress Peyton.

Hers always,

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