Them: Share common interests Physical, Emotional, Spiritual.

Him: Declares a need and desire for her like no other.

Her: Finds a part of her she never knew before.

Them: Both Committed NOT to One Another.

Her: Drop everything 4 him.

Him: Makes himself available.

Her: Wants More

Him: Doing All he can right now.

Her: Wonders why if he needs n loves her why more cant hapen.

Him: Loves things about current situation. & Loves her deeply.

Her: Wonders How u love 2 women.

2 years 2 lives Flame out of control, or was it just her life and him along for the fun. It has been fun after all. Minus All the Emotional scar tissue.

Can you be in love and love another? Can you be doing all you can and still want to continue on with no heartache?


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