To Cum Or Suffer for Me?

To Cum Or Not to Cum and Only Suffer for me… sooo agonizing a choice. Poor Boy.. Doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going.. haha In His own words….

I have just got off the phone with Mistress Peyton. My head is spinning. My cock is leaking and throbbing. My mouth is dry. I did not get to cum. I have never cum but I loved every single minute of it.  Cum Or Suffer

I have become so weak whenever I hear or even think about Mistress Peyton. I even called her while I was at work because I needed to hear her voice. I have never called a girl while I have been at work. Mistress Peyton is inside my head and I love it.

I have no idea what she has planned for me, that is incredibly frightening yet so very exhilarating. The reason being is I know I won’t ever be able to say no to Her. I ache for Mistress Peyton, I very very badly want to cum for her, but I do not know what she will ask for in return if she ever did grant me that reward. I have almost begged for it but have been frightened of what I would have to give up.

I have to ask Mistress Peyton for permission to fuck my wife. I wear panties for Mistress Peyton. My balls are always full. My cock always dripping. I have no control over my cock anymore. It is Mistress Peyton’s toy now.

I love the way I feel when I think of Mistress Peyton. She owns me. She makes me crave frustration. She causes pre-cum to ooze from me. I tremble and whimper because I know she is dangerous but I can’t stop myself from going deeper down the rabbit hole. I want to keep her smiling. I want to keep her happy. That is my desire now.
She is my focus. My addiction. My Goddess.

On a side Note: His suffering brings me great pleasure, I mean after all the Mind Fuck IS real.
Talk Soon Naughty One,
Miss Peyton

1-800-863-5478 ext: 9978383

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