Wicked Mistress

Oh my, the Wicked Mistress does weave a tangled web. Thank you my new toy for the sordid story time today. I will keep my end of the deal and save you from yourself. YOU on the other hand must uphold your end and let us arrange that date with destiny. ~smirks~Wicked Mistress

Wicked Mistress has a story of a boy toy to tell, seems he has himself a beautiful wife he wanted to introduce into the world of swinging. Tsk boy toy didn’t think that one through. Ha/ha He had no idea the end result would get to him so much.

Here we are years down the road and the boy sits as he watches his wife take the BBC as his cock twitches… OH but not from what you’d think. Slow down now. Stay with me… what his cock reacts to are the dirty thoughts going on in his brain.  He wants the two of them to own him.  He wants the big bull to completely dominate every facet of his life.  Talk about a major back fire.  Not at all what he thought his swinging days would turn out to be.

Oh!  And the plot thickens.  What really turns my boy on is when this one BBC Bull comes over and refers to him as the Bitch Boy.  He tells him he hasn’t told him he can watch, he also informs him that his wife no longer belongs to him neither does that pussy, it’s his.  The most humiliating part of it all is when The Bull forces him to take down his shorts and reveal he has NEARLY 5 inches.  (I had to Laugh)  Imagine being my boy.

Now I know you have to be thinking Mistress how could you do this to your boy, and the answer is simple.  As with this story there is so much more to come.  I haven’t yet told his darkest secret, and it’s a very juicy one that took place right here in my town.  You just that cuckolding was a twist to this tale.  This story is to be cont. For Sure.

Talk Soon Naughty Ones

Mistress Peyton

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