You Might Be Cuckolded

Cuckold…And not even know it!

Yes, you read that correctly. Many men today in relationships, whether it be marriage or a relationship, are living the life of a cuckold unbeknownst to them. What many men fail to realize is, once your wife or mate has cheated on you sexually/committed adultery, you unknowingly have been given the cuckold label, like it or not. So, what is it called in the reverse situation, when a husband/mate cheats sexually/commits adultery on their wife or partner?

Nothing. A wife or girlfriend who was cheated on. One pissed off bitch ready to cut your dick off!

While cuckoldry is a very popular topic of fantasy on the phones at NiteFlirt for me, it is a lifestyle that is becoming more and more widely accepted by couples in today’s society. Yes, open relationships are becoming more popular these days, as men tend to travel more, their cocks fail to function or fulfill like they once used to, men are becoming more submissive in the bedroom, and quite honestly, many men like the fact that another man is “taking” what is/was regarded as only his.

Men call me with stories of their partners fucking other men because their cocks are too small, their partner craves bigger/thicker cocks, their partner prefer big black cock, or they just want to fuck a stranger for the thrill of it. You know, out drinking with the girls on a Friday night, looks across the bar and her eyes meet with an unbelievably gorgeous man… BAM, the next thing you know they are rolling in the hay, and your partner shows up back home at 6-7am with some lame excuse of how they stayed until the bar closed, then went to Cheryl’s house and continued to party. Oh, and the next thing she knew it was light outside and she’d just lost ALL track of time. Truth is…

She probably just spent the last 4-6 hours getting fucked by another man. A man that for whatever reason took her away from you. So, after she arrives home, in an attempt to calm you down, and to appease your less than appealing cock, she gives you a sympathy fuck! Oooops, you’re now fucking a pussy filled with the cream of another man’s cock, because of course she didn’t use a rubber. You noticed her pussy was incredibly wet and sticky, but you really thought nothing of it… or, maybe you did. You thought that she was extremely turned on by the thought of getting home and fucking you, but she wasn’t. She was bringing you home a reward.

Now, after you have fucked her and deposited your load inside of her, you go down on her because she loves for you to eat her pussy after fucking and cumming inside of her. Wa-La, you are not only eating your cum and her cum, but you are also eating HIS cum. You have no clue. You only know that it was fucking good!

Rest assured that if this isn’t an open relationship, or you’re not living the life of a cuckold by agreement, you will never know you swallowed another man’s sperm. You will never know why her pussy was nice and stretched when you fucked her, you probably just thought that… never mind, guys don’t typically think when they are fucking, lol. All of that wetness and stickiness flooding out of her while you were fucking her that morning…

Well, you can thank her lover of the evening. And like it or not, you just became a cuckold.
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