9 thoughts on “Wall of Fame

  1. Being a good pet for a dominatrix like Mistress Peyton is the highest honor for a male to achieve.

  2. I have this overwhelming urge to serve young white boys sexually. I want to be stripped and made to drop to my knees in public and be urinated on by Nordic and pale Anglo Caucasians. I want to celebrate MLK day by being physically bound and sexually violated and racially humiliated by a group of pure whites. Today I won’t look any truly white people above the foot to show my appreciation for civil rights

  3. IF you ever want to start a section called Sissy Illustrated here perhaps you could. paralleling Sports Illustrated, have a SI Swimsuit Edition—I would be willing to be one of your swimsuit models. Do you need that?

      • In preparation for your hoped-for positive response, I have already just got a one-piece suit and a green tie-top. Now that I am apparently a soon-to-be Sissyfold of yours, do I need to enahance my boobs or stay sissyflat on top? Never thought this transformation thing would bring such important issues! Need guidance–that’s what the Mistress I for.

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