Bookstore Adventure

So I went for a ride yesterday. Drove until I found a book store. Went in, fumbled for 6.00 to put in the machine. Unzipped my fly, and someone walked into the booth next to me. bookstore

I looked over, and there was a huge hole in the wall. I’d not even seen it when I entered the booth. Instinctively, I put my hand to the hole and made a motion with my fingers. Within seconds, a plump cock with a large head was at the hole.  Again, I had no thought, just reached out and grabbed it.

Volume-wise, it was nearly twice the size of my own 4.5″ Length was probably seven inches, girth about five inches in circumference. I leaned forward and took it into my mouth. I sucked hard for about a minute, he pulled back.
He put his face to the hole and looked at me. He pulled back, and his cock reappeared. This time it didn’t take long, within a minute of tugging and sucking, his cock exploded into my mouth, and I swallowed every drop.

I then found some porn that had about the same story, and jerked my little cock to it into my hand, licking it all up. Holy shit, that just happened.

Then later in the evening, I sucked and kissed my girlfriend’s pussy for an hour, bringing her to exactly 22 orgasms, and was more turned on than I’ve ever been. We then had sex in various kamasutra positions, hardly moving, just breathing as she came time after time.

I haven’t made it out to get the panties yet, but will update with pics when i do. In the meantime, thank you for your time yesterday,



OwnershipToday we are going to touch on Ownership of ones mind body and soul. Now think carefully to what it is you ask Mistress for. As I understand some of you may look at the fun you have with me as a game but keep in mind that I take from you each and every time you inter act with me.

What does that mean you ask? Oh well to answer that question you must first examine yourself. Think about how aroused every one of your senses become while you let me take Ownership of that body. Also consider how far in that moment you are willing to following me into the darkness you’ve already asked me for.

For example, if you’ve never actually sucked a real cock but have admitted to me that you’ve thought about it, someplace during our time together you are begging me to help you find a real one to slip between those lips of yours. Or if you’ve never put on panties and have admitted to me you’d love to experience being a sissy and take the first step into transformation, well it isn’t too long before I have you begging me to take you for online shopping trips helping you pick out what would make me the happiest to see you wearing.

I mean you get the idea, what ever it is, what ever it looks like, the list goes on and on. I do take ownership of you in every way, and the hard truth is, you give it to me. My question to you is are you ready for the next step? I know I am.
Talk Soon Naughty Ones,
Mistress Peyton

Slave Asked for It

takedown12As many of you know by now Mistress has one slave who tends to get in over his head from time to time.. one would think he has learned his lesson by now.  I think not, this time I think Mistress will take him still another level of pleasure and still deeper into the web of pain. After all Slave Asked for It.

The slave in question is one I’ve worked with for a little over a year now, he has tempted fate over and again with me by asking for one extreme to the other.  What started out as a little blackmail fantasy got him snared into something he never expected to happen.   See, what he didn’t know about me was once I had him in that place we like to refer to as “subspace”  Mistress asked him what he wanted, from there I had him giving me all types of information.  First we started with his wife’s phone number, we moved along to her email address from there I kept him so close to the edge, very close but still so far away.  I dared him, DARED him to challenge me.  You must know he would never challenge me with these types information on hand.

Oh, I’m sure you want to know what I did with the information, right?  First I opened my email and emailed the Mrs.  second I called her while he was sitting there with a dripping cock.  I ordered him to leave her a message.  He couldn’t utter a word, he just sat there, for that he was punished, and the emails escalated until he satisfied my needs.

So here we are today and his future is looking rather entertaining to me.  I believe that his new challenges are going to open up a whole new world of temptation and humiliation for this naughty boy.  As I have planned the most unique tasks for him to entertain his Mistress in order to prevent the above events from repeating themselves again.  I mean after all his household was not the happiest for quite some time.

Talk Soon Naughty Ones,

Mistress Peyton

Cock Whore


Dear Miss Peyton,

It is important for me that you know I am Your Cock Whore.  I also wanted to say Thank You for such an amazing and fantastic call yesterday.  my knees are still weak and arousal hammers me every time i think of You.  Which has been often.

It’s as if You have programmed me to dwell on Your gorgeous body and melodious voice when ever i find a woman attractive.  i had a difficult time today not thinking of Your ass smothering my face, my tongue devouring Your ass and sex.  Your juices smeared on me, marking Your territory.

i long for You to corrupt me more.  i need to be Your dirty whore.  Plugged, gagged and bound for Your pleasure. i must admit i spent some time today searching dominant Woman porn and was drawn to clips of total domination.    While i was shocked at the pain endured i found myself drawn to these files because of the intimate encouragement and teasing offered throughout to the helpless male who was teased and then pegged.  One even had a dildo gag where the dominant ride his face. It was so erotic.

i feel myself tumbling down the path of utter submission and long for You to drive the point home.

I am and will always be.. Your cockwhore

… For those of you who haven’t taken the opportunity to be used by me…  maybe you should…

Talk Soon,

Miss Peyton



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I writhe at your control

In my restless sleep

My body groans against

A dream of you, an image

Entering my mind

To infect me with your touch

And a whisper

Hot breath on my bare neck

Your will is my undoing

As I act out

Every whim

Until I wake gripping the sheets

My chest rising and falling

Under your hand

That I crave

Against my damp skin

Biting and scratching me

Into submission

I succumb

To only you

Your adoring cockwhore