Keith- The Loser

Here’s one of the funniest Loser stories I think I’ve ever heard…
Straight Out of Baltimore Maryland from his lips to my keyboard!loser

It all started when his girl Jen broke up with him because he couldn’t satisfy her, she told him he’s got a small penis and she stayed with him basically for a place to live. You know… For the rent and other perks, he paid for everything including the shopping sprees, out of town trips, he even did the whole “happy hour” on him with all her friends… I mean you get the picture he did the whole nine yards.

So after Jen left Keith and he winds up dressing in her old red panties and her blue jean skirt! What happen next is unthinkable! He took out the good old magic marker and wrote the word ” L-o-s-e-r ” on his fore head and “I have a small penis” on his stomach. You’d think it would end there.. Nope! He drove himself to the public school that they all work out at, that’s where he found her and ALL her friends.

Needless to say she threatened to call the police leaving Keith alone with his thoughts in his car whilst he jerked off to the pain of his humiliation. You’d think this would have been the end to his misery… He’s a gluten for punishment, we’ll write another installment on him in the days to come!

Talk Soon,

Miss Peyton

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Teased for Days

Recently I passed down a task that kept my Boys Teased for Days.  As fate would have it so much of my inspiration is derived from a mixture of our communication as well erotic photography.  Teased for Days

Not everyone is brave enough to take on my type of assignments as some are risky for those of you who are in full time relationships, while others are eagerly waiting for each set of heart pounding instruction(s).

You see I only assign well thought out tasks, I take into consideration the level of mental stimulation one will endure to keep my  boy(s)  Teased for Days.  For some it’s the risk factor (will or won’t I be caught), for others it’s the physical sensation of being out of control.

My personal favorite is when I know without a doubt you’ve been set up for total manipulation.  It’s in these moments I find it hard to resist forcing you to check in. I often wonder what goes through your mind in the moments before you’ve gathered the nerve to press send on the email  or dial my number.  Do you tremble with anticipation, or is something else causing you to shake all over… Or maybe for you it’s a twitch of the cock that stirs you into further submission.

For me there is NOTHING like knowing you are in the throws of desire yet are being conditioned to be rational,  in these moments of weakness I can determine new limits, test your loyalty and establish new guidelines by which we play by.

There are far worse things then being Teased for Days, think about it.. you could be  stuck in a vanilla life  doing everything vanilla with no real excitement or much to challenge you mentally or physically, no real stimulation and no adventure.  Don’t get me wrong Vanilla is good when it works the question is,  does it work for you?

Talk Soon Naughty One,

Miss Peyton

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Secret Desire

Secret Desire is it a seed that Mistress has planted deep inside your mind?  Is it something she said that has you captivated or spellbound?  Every step we take is a step closer to the one true desire with in you. submissive to You

When you say “I want to be submissive to you” that in itself is your Secret Desire and it grows within you each time you relinquish your rights to the keys of the space between us.  I keep you captivated with the truth of what is and what will become if only you close your eyes and paint the picture I’ve burned on your skin.

Give- take- push or pull it matters not to me.  The secrets between  are binding,  that look of  desire will bring you crawling  back where it all began.

Mistress Peyton




Innocents Lost

Innocents LostAs young adults we get this idea in our head of what is expected of us vs. who we really are. I’m here to tell you that if you have decided to take the road most traveled you are most likely being suffocated by your own hand,

In life we want nothing more then to make those we love proud of us. Hell we go to colleges we hate, marry people who are all wrong for us and 9 times out of 10 we live life based on lies.

Once upon a time I had the great debate with a confused soul.. he told me there was only black and white.. nothing skewed.. no in between. I wouldn’t be a good Mistress had I not done my best to explain life with great success between the lines.

No two people feel the same way about any one thing. What I mean is, what creates desire in you.. may never cause me to want or need way you do. Our wants and needs define us in and out of the bedroom.  If you’ve allowed yourself to experience sub space you’ll never forget the moment you found peace, one real moment when you knew what would define you for always.

Imagine time and again that you only had Vanilla everything.. and then imagine again that you get a taste of the spice you long for. It’s in that moment that Innocents takes a back seat.

What we feel, what we think, how we respond to one another in our day to day is very much a part of the basic animal desire to feel alive, to really be alive… Innocents Lost is where we begin.
Nothing has to be so complicated…

Corrupt Innocence Phone Sex

Corrupt Innocence Phone Sex is a naughty game I play with a Preacher from Virginia. I’ve turned my good boy into some what of a wicked man.

Tease the PreacherIn his own words praying no longer helps him resist me. ~giggle~ He only wants to give in to my soft sensual temptation. He stands in front of the congregation and gets hard just thinking of the naughty ideas I’ve placed deep into his mind.

Panties? Well yes Preacher I said go buy them and do it today. Sex? No! Not again, not with your wife. We’ll leave her in confusion twisted just as you are, as I laugh in your face. I love this game we play.

I’ll use you as I see fit preacher, and leave you begging me for more. Always needing, never forgetting. I’m your Mistress and you are here to serve.
Talk soon.

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