A Sub and His Secrets

I know a boy who has many secrets, he hides them from  from the world, in his world he’s a normal everyday guy.   In my world I have complete control over him.  submissivedustin

I took his cock and made it mine, I turned him into a blackmail slut, a cuckold boy, he lets me turn his life upside down at the drop of a hat.  This a  love hate relationship.  He loves to hate what I’ve done to his thought process and how I make him feel about his Mistress.

Right now I have him begging me to turn him into a cum slut, by definition we have yet to describe exactly what that would look like in his life.  How far down he is willing to go into that rabbit hole.  As his Mistress I have a pretty good idea.  He’s already given me control of his credit card, given me control of his family life and so far I I have leverage over him that would keep most boys awake at night.

Today is the day my sub needed to decide what he wanted to do for a treat for his Mistress, and he needed to decide now.   We all need baby steps, so I gave him options.  Suck a cock or being taken by force.  ~smirk~

I know you really can’t wait to hear the sorted details of what this bad boy decided, but… that my perverted ones is a entire new story all in itself.    This sub of mine has so many dark secrets and we have yet to scratch the surface.

Talk soon,

Mistress Peyton



Ode To Miss Peyton


Miss Peyton will make you break

Miss Peyton will make you ache

Miss Peyton will make you yearn

Miss Peyton will make you learn!

I never knew the way it could be

she has made my own cock betray me!

Miss Peyton will make you weak

sometimes I can’t even speak

Miss Peyton will bring you to your knees

she is the only one I want to serve and please

Her teachings have me at a loss

now I dress like a slut and wear lip gloss!

before each call I get a certain twitch

I can’t wait for Miss Peyton to make me her bitch!

this is my story as you see

thank you so much Miss Peyton for owning and using me!

Weak Minded

Some of you may believe that being weak minded is a bad thing, actually at the end of the day it’s exactly where you belong. I mean think about it, you are there and for the most part you’re in control 24/7 but then you get these cravings, you get this deep desire to be manipulated and broken down into a puddle of fun.  Weak Minded

Don’t think for a minute that you being weak minded makes you any less of a man, in fact it is a turn on, A HUGE turn on for a girl like me. What I mean to say is the moment you decide that you are tired of the vanilla in life or all that the vanilla life offers you find yourself becoming weak for spice.

If you ask me, and eventually you will… there is nothing more sexy then a man who just accepts his place in life. Where? Oh that’s easy, it’s beneath a strong beautiful woman. You haven’t lived yet until you let a woman take you by the hand and fuck you over in ways you never imagined.

Are you afraid you’ll enjoy the place I created for you, you have nothing really to lose, well I mean you’ll give up plenty… and you’ll happily do so if only to make me happy. It is after all the one true purpose you serve.
Talk Soon Naughty One,

Miss Peyton

1-800-863-5478 ext: 9978383

Phone Sex — let’s do it!


So I open twitter today and this was waiting for me.. Needless to say Goddess Approves!

In hundreds of years time wrinkly old men (who haven’t been born yet) will study history and they will come across your photos. And then they will get the first erection they’ve had in years and all thanks to a legend they never knew.
A legend that ruled before even their grandfathers were born. Legacy of Goddess.
Talk Soon,
Miss Peyton (aka Goddess)

Domination Twist

Who’s up for a little Domination Twist? Something to keep you on edge or maybe just enough to keep you on those toes… My idea will keep you under my thumb right where you belong.

For quite some time now I’ve been thinking about ways to make your experience with me more personal. For those of you who follow me or are currently in my stable you know and understand what it’s like to get the approach I offer. Domination Twist

I’ve come up with something that some of you may be interested in, how it works is simple you receive my control/corruption direct to your personal cell via text 5 days a week for a set rate. Five days  include check in and guidance, even daring tasks.  Mon – Friday between 6am Est to 8pm Est.

Whats great about it is that it can be customized to fit your schedule. Should you want weekends as well that will be an additional rate. Feel free to email me for more involved details and any questions you may have regarding how this will work.

Also stay tuned for a phone sex podcast coming soon to airways near you.
Talk Soon,
Miss Peyton