A Sense of Belonging

A sense of belonging. Yes, indeed. Open to expressing feelings for Goddess Peyton to incorporate into Her program for you. Her program for breaking you.   Trapped by Desire

Speaking of belonging, there is nothing like belonging to Goddess Peyton. No one else understands your needs the way She does. No one can compel you to obey and improve like She can. She has eradicated the pseudo-domination I had experienced before I came under Her spell. And all this accomplished in a few Niteflirt conversations. What will it be like, in Her presence, at Her feet? I will beg Her to allow me to find out. Until then, I will call and pay and learn. Learn how to be a good boy for Goddess Peyton. It is inevitable that my surrender will be total. “Good boy”, She says. Down on my knees I go. At the altar of Peyton, female deity, the dominant word made flesh.

… Submitted by a “Good Boy”

Talk Soon Naughty Ones,