A Slave And His Thoughts


A Slave Decided to Submit to me while doing his written assignment his  thoughts on his placement in the scheme of things. I felt like it was blog worthy:



1. I am Mistress Peyton‘s to be used as she see fit.

2. I am too dumb to argue with what Mistress says.

3. I will only get dumber Mistress Peyton.

4. Mistress Peyton is more important to me than friends or family.

5. I will lose my friends and family if that is the desire of Mistress Peyton

6. I will not be a man to Mistress Peyton, just a thing.

7. I will work out ways to save money so have more for Mistress Peyton

8. Whatever Mistress Peyton tells me is the truth.

9. If my memories are different to what Ms. Peyton tells me about myself, I will recognise my memories are false and accept the new real ones,

10. Even of told something completely stupid by Mistress Peyton I will believe it.

11.  I will follow Mistress Peyton’s rules to the letter.

12.  I am only happy around Mistress Peyton

13.  I will get dumber for mistress Peyton.

14.  I will be willingly as repulsive as Mistress Peyton makes me.

15.  I accept all changes to my life.

16.  I live to make life easier for Mistress Peyton

17. I will not do manly things for Ms Peyton.

18. I crave the humiliation from Mistress Peyton

19. I would eat cigarette butts off the street if it would entertain Princess Peyton

20. I will accept any mental changes Mistress Peyton makes to me.

21. Mistress deserves to live a better life than me. I must make sure this happens.

22. I must never be successful at anything I do.

23. Mistress is my god, my religion.

24. I crave the humiliation and teaching I receive.

25. I will never feel the need to complain to Mistress

Thank you for my lines, yours,

your slave