A Word From Kamm…..

Goddess: This really happened.

There is a clothing optional resort near my house that I have frequented for years. Since You have had me in .my chastity cage I have begun wearing swim trunks when I am there. Well, last night i was there and who happens to be in the tub with me? The same woman who hit on me in the bar a few weeks ago and whom I told of my Goddess who owns my cock.

We chatted pleasantly until a point came when we were the only two in the tub. She asked awordkammif seeing her naked had changed my mind at all.

I told her that she was indeed very attractive and enticing but that it would be impossible to do anything. I stood and pulled my trunks open and she gasped when she saw my cage. She came close and examined it. She saw that indeed i was hard inside. Painfully so. She asked where the key was and I told her it was at home, frozen in ice. I told her that I thaw the key only when I am going to call my Princess.

After her initial surprise we chatted quite a bit about how I need to feel owned and controlled. She even masturbated a bit but stopped when others came. She was very interested and said that even though it wasn’t her cup of tea, it was still pretty hot. She also said that it was a bummer for an attractive guy to be so unavailable.

I was so proud and humiliated at the same time.I went home and stared at Your pics and just throbbed painfully for You.

Thank You Mistress