Blackmailed Panty Boy

My Blackmailed Panty Boy didn’t really believe me when I told him I’d follow through with everything he’d asked me for.  It’s so rare that I find a courageous man these days. Oh wait, for that matter a sissy boi or a panty wearing fag or a boy toy or even a pet to play with.  Are there Real ones out there?

I hear it almost every day. Mistress I want to be the Blackmailed Panty Boy for you. I want to be owned by you please. Oh, and then it’s please dominate me, take control of my life and make it yours, I’ll do anything you say.

blackmailedpntyAt the end of the day, when I serve you up a heaping portion of what you’ve just asked me for you crumble under the pressure. Maybe it’s the email I sent your wife or the photo I’ve posted of you, either way it’s something You asked me for.

Taylor had a very simple task to do for me.. he knew his instructions to the letter. He understood what was at risk and he also agreed that in the given amount of time had he not completed his task that Mistress would out him to his wife with all his information and his naughty panty fetish secrets. Poor Taylor, outed to the wife. I told you so.

Do you have what it takes to stand up to the pressure of Mistress? Care to take that journey together as we discover the slippery slope of fetish fun?
Mistress Peyton