Challenging the boys who call asking for domination from Mistress Peyton. I would like to point out there are so many ways that one can be dominated.editedpeyton
I’ve challenged so many to express them be ways that pushed beyond what the norm would be. There’s a list I like to go by. I keep list of personal “bests”. If you have what it takes, maybe you can get there. If you just want to be dominated on to regular and aren’t sure what that looks like then I’m not really sure what I can do for you. Calling and saying Mistress Dominate me; I’m sure so many can feel that when a person is sort of at a loss for words there.

Domination comes from within a person and the will to want to be submissive doesn’t always come naturally to others it can be the most exciting thing two people can experience together if both have the chemistry and the trust in one another “but” I do think it takes time to build those relationships. As your Mistress I have a responsibility to you to that I should want to question you, find out what makes you click. I need to know certain aspects of your like that happen in your day to day. The stress levels, the emotional connects you have and with whom and why. Yes it’s personal but as your Mistress I play for real. It’s not a relationship that we should enter into blindly and you as a sub ought to want the person responsible for the altering of your body, mind and spirit to care enough about D/s relation or bond building that it’s all taken into account.

Yes, I admit that sometimes giving up some of the information about your personal life could be hard, but in the end you are after all investing in some of the most memorable of your life. Having a beautiful girl take your mind and erase what you used to think of how life was and twisting you into a way of life that maybe was a little scary to you. No longer is scary but now something you don’t want to live without. It can happen, it does happen each and every day. I challenge you to test out what I Mistress Peyton has to offer you. Its a sensual twisted little ride. STEP up to the challenge. If you dare.
Talk soon Naughty Ones.
Mistress Peyton

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