Personal Best

When I ask you for your personal best and chicken out over a little complication here or there I have to frown upon your reasons. I tell you time and again how that cock will betray you, and it does. ~smirk~
One needs a break? There are no safe words here. You forgot to ask me for one. You asked for something I gave it to you. Guilt? I cannot accept that for something that makes your body feel so much pleasure. Humiliation? Nah, It feels to good to be humiliating. Even you said so.  peydw

Mistress told you from the start careful when you ask me for something I always give it to you. I also told you be sure to give me 110% of your best and never back down from a challenge. Here you are at a challenge backing down. Not a good sub at all. I must say. So Here’s your Mistress putting you on blast for the entire world to see you and read about you. Enjoy bad boy.  Enjoy this break, enjoy the void, and enjoy knowing that every SECOND of it is coming back around to bite you in the ass over the days and weeks to come.
Mistress Peyton.

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  1. You have made me weak in the knees from the first time I laid eyes on you Mistress Peyton.

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