Tease and Denial

“Woman’s Power Lies in a Man’s Passion”  Hence where tease and denial come to play.  I like to call Tease and Denial a tool where I get to use your cock against you, to show you one of the many ways it betrays you.  We will use teasing you as to teach you what it is you want the most, and only you can define the terms here.   tease and denial

Denial is the other tool used to make you squirm and beg, it’s the one thing (denial) that transforms our calls into a deeper way of communication.  Up until this point you’ve had most everything you’ve asked me for, and now it’s my turn to get what I want.

What is it I want?  Not hard to answer at all.  I want you to push yourself, show me what you are made of.  Show me how much you can take.  Tease is fun, denial is more fun. How long can you deny yourself that one thing you really think you need?

Tease and Denial Phone Sex starts will a few simple steps, you call we chat before you know it I’ve gotten some pretty basic information out of you, and you being a man have given me plenty of tease material.  This is where the fun starts, I carry this up one level, our conversation progresses to deeper conversation and before you know it your cock is rock hard and then the real fun starts.

Tease and Denial phone sex is just the start of Mistress getting to know her boy toy.  I look forward to being your guide through the journey.  You can find me on Nite Flirt I’ve included many places we can connect there.

Mistress Peyton

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