Always Be Mindful Of Mistress

Always Be Mindful Of Mistress when changing ones mind. Mistress knows whats best when plans are made for pets and slaves. It would seem some slaves would take matters into their own hands. For example one slut we shall call him D for dog. he claims he knows what fits best in his life and that doesn’t include guidance from me. Mindful Of Mistress

Poor little slut every few days cant help but to crawl back on bended knee and beg for another chance to be taken away from his humdrum day to day life and be transformed into the slut he was born to be. ~Rolls Eyes~

Well this time Mistress has had enough of the boy slut, and wanted him to understand that anymore back and forth from him would cause him to be banned from her kingdom forever.  No pet of Mistress Peyton’s ever wishes to be banned.

Ever wonder what has become of said slut?  ~Giggles~  I bet you do.  Just to keep you updated I would like to take the opportunity to say that this particular toy of mine is on the hook and can’t seem to find his way free.  He’s found his way into my tangled web of desire and no longer shows any sign of trying to free himself.  He’s there just as he always knew he wanted to be safe and sound in the web made just for him.

Care to join the pet? To be owned and locked away.

Mistress Peyton




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