Edging Countdown



With that in mind…

We are slowly edging towards the end of 2016 and with that the New Year! Which makes me VERY HAPPY to be honest. I have it on good authority that 2017 holds even more naughtiness, more hot twisted humiliations, and a greater variety of mind-fucking.  I also promise a great big  things to grab you by the cock and make you jerk like your life depended on it.

You didn’t really think you’d be allowed to just let this year come to a silent end without forcing the  desperate  groans, and moans did you?  I’ll listen as you helplessly masturbate like a fiend right up to the 12th ring when you finally get to uncork your orgasm.

Oh and don’t even think that you just get to do your basic wrist exercises either!  I’ll no longer accept  you as a  mediocre jerk-off artist. No, no, no, I want you to feel the burn!  No pain – no gain…  Your wrist is going to put in for vacation after this one!   Hey, don’t complain boy, END OF YEAR EDGING COUNT DOWN is serious business.

(tries hard not to laugh)

Now of course Mistress knows that you each fall in all kinds of categories as far as edging and  neediness.  Not to worry!  We’re going  to get everyone  sorted into your proper categories.

Okay, this is important so be sure you follow along.  Faggots to the left, straight guys to the right, cum eaters in the middle, and so on.  You see what I mean right?  Next you’ll find yourself with the instructions I give you along the way, and meet back up for the big   “K-BOOM” at Midnight going into 2017.   It’ll bring a whole new meaning to “sliding into the new year” as well.

Enough teasing and down to the cock in palm slapping. Get lubrication, lots of it you’ll need it, add some money to your account, pick up the phone and call me now to get you started on your edging until it’s 2017, each in your own category.

Now you know you want to bring the New Year in with Bang, so let’s make sure those balls are filled and loaded.

Talk Soon,

Miss Peyton


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Get Your Ticket!

MistressExperience Mistress through the Eyes of Boy Toy….

Have you experienced a roller coaster ride, the anticipation on that first climb, the sound, the build up, the slow march to that exhilarating drop, the “I can’t wait” moments that seem endless to that exciting beginning? Those are the very same emotions that are compelled from your body and mind when speaking with Mistress Peyton.

But there is a catch, there is always a catch…

You first need to earn that ticket to ride…through pain, suffering and humiliation.
For those who dare, the journey Mistress Peyton takes you on is full of twists and turns that will leave you quite literally begging for more!

I am lucky enough to have been in Mistress’s clutches when she builds you up through physical pain and then amps it to another worldly level by crawling into your mind to finish you off.  During my last encounter we played the counting game, a favorite of Mistress Peyton. She has you count out loud to varying numbers all the while you are stroking away, building and building, climbing that incline. She is closely monitoring your breathing, knowing just how far into her dominance she can take you with the next count up,all the while she is taking you away, explicitly telling you how she owns you, how she is dominating you…

The physical, the mental, the edging, you are out of your mind and willing to do anything to release….it is at that moment that you know the roller coaster is off the rails and you don’t care, all that matters is Mistress Peyton, you are hers forever…..

Step right up, get your ticket!

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Pain With Lust

Care for a little Pain with your Lust?  Everyone needs a place to surrender it all one time or another.  Mistress can serve you a heaping dish of on your knees pain.  She can give it to you with out the emotion you’d expect as well.

Some  would say Mistress saves them from themselves and even thanks me after the fact when  I’ve hurt them to the core.  Pain is something that can be rather stimulating if you let it be.  Some would rather feel pain then nothing at all and pain is after all erotic when done properly.   Lust Pain

Lust, pain or devotion I say pick your outlet and let’s begin the downward spiral for you.  I’m about the place you want to go, I’ll be the guide to help you discover what it is you seek.  Don’t worry, all those dark places are safe with me.  I’ll keep them hidden within the shadows of our time together.

Mistress keeps the best secrets for all the twisted boys, she helps them develop the skills they’d otherwise waste away never knowing who they’d become.   Pain with lust is only one of the skill sets that this Mistress will bring to you.

Come, bring me your body, let’s create for me awonderland for me to devour each and every part of your life in.  Where the pain ends lust begins, your eyes open and you see a brand new world.

Talk Soon Naughty Ones,

Mistress Peyton

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Outed For Cock Sucking

Well this is different.. who knew a black guy would enjoy white cock so much? According to Steven R. from Houston it’s something he can hardly get enough of.

When Steven R. and I first started his confession time he was a little reluctant to openly tell me all those deep dark secrets. It didn’t take long for him to pour out his soul.    steven

For example, he is an Aircraft Mechanic at the Houston International Airport, and while he does date women he is in the opinion that he’s not well enough endowed to please a woman and always finds himself going right back to what he craves the most..cock! Not just any cock, the white man’s cock.

He states that his favorite part about cock sucking is the challenge, like where to get it. Once he has it it’s keeping him hard and then the challenge of making him cum. Can you guess where one might find a cock to suck? Steven finds his in personal ads online.

Steven felt compelled to tell me his actual place of residence is ****** S** H****** Rd,  in a little place in Humble, Texas  for those of you in the Houston area and are wanting to try a little Bi experience. He’s ready and willing to put himself out there. What do you think guys?

Oh I know what some of you are thinking, Mistress is ruthless for posting all this about poor Steven. No not really.. I have and always will keep my word, by this I mean give you what you’ ask me for.
Talk Soon Naughty Ones,
Mistress Peyton

Corruption Starts In the Married Man

Nothing excites me more then to take a married man down the dark and twisted path of corruption. Mistress is forever looking for ways to have you doing the most filth of tasks for me while keeping you on edge.  corruption

Below you will find a response to one of the tasks… I like to call Cum on Her Panties.. LOL
Hello Mistress

just reporting back as instructed. This was a simple assignment but your description and detailed instruction made at very exciting. I very much enjoyed being given instructions and a task to complete and went right to it. At first I thought sexy pair of panties meant thong, right. But my wife never wears them and to be honest they are not the sexiest thing for her so I remember the pair of panties that she has that really turn me on…black with a high cut along the checks and a wide band of lace too so you still see a lot but not like thong and they are very sexy!

so I found them, making note of where they were so I could put them back… Right on top. Then went in the bathroom and followed your instructions reading them several times as I did. After words folding them back up and putting them back. It was already in the evening and I would be up before my wife so I knew she would not be in the drawer before I would but I figured that was chi kenning out so I left them until I got home that night instead and then moved them to the laundry. Still not out of the woods because although I do the wash, aren’t you proud of me, they still have not made it back to her drawer and she should know that she didn’t wear them. Not really concerned though.

Task Completed by Anon and ever so sweetly submitted to Mistress.
Talk Soon Naughty Ones,
Mistress Peyton

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