Pretty Little Liar-A Sissy Story

Pretty Little Liar, A Sissy Story is about a boy and his cock, it always has betrayed him, he’s such a liar, although he can’t seem to help himself.

We do the best we can with what we have I’ve been told. One of my favorite things about my job is I get to do the most glam things with you sexy boys. Recently I had the opportunity to dress up a sexy boy who told me such a beautiful lie.

I guess we’ll just say his name is John for secrets sake….. ~smirk~ John said he’d always wanted to see what it would be like to dress like a girl. So I happily obliged. I love all things girlie so it just comes natural to me to take my time with these things, I love the whole planning and shopping and getting it together for you aspect of it.

While we were on our call and had him dressed he had the nerve to tell me he wasn’t the least bit excited about his transformation. I could tell he was lying by the way his breath had caught in his chest. I asked him again A Sissy Storyand he declined to admit to me that he’d been the least bit excited by what we had done to him.

After much coaxing and talking we decided he no longer had a penis and now has a clit and we shall grow from there. Imagine a clit where once a cock had been, yes I said it, clit. This is a clit that my sweet sissy pet John will only get to play with as if he were a girl. Imagine all the room for growth here.

I’ll keep you posted. We shall walk through this pretty little liar’s story together. Until next time, stay true to you.
Mistress Peyton

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