Mistress Tells All

Mistress Tells All…  Poor Allen  I told you what would happen, you should have listened to me.  Now look what you’ve made me do.  Exposed to the core.  Is this what you wanted?  All the secrets you held, I warned you boy.  Careful of Mistress. lunapic_136441932211069_5.jpg

Trapped by his desire to lick and suck a cock.  His brother in law held his hand down his pants and forced him to give a hand job.  Allen has had the desire to be forcefully taken by a man ever since then.

It’s also true that Allen can no longer cum by touching  his wife Amber, he has  to fantasize about her getting fucked by two guys.  His favorite part is them making her cum knowing he can’t do it.

He wants her ex boyfriend Chris to Dominate him by taking Amber away.  He secretly wants Chris to fill her up with cum and and he wants to clean it up with his useless tongue.

Poor Allen is confused about his sexuality, is he a cuckold?  Is he a man-slut?  Is he a cum whore?    Especially being that he loves to have cum sprayed all over his face.  Is he gay?  Or Bi?  Or worse… What he is well, you can see what I’ve turned him into.  I’ve let his cock betray and ruin him.  ~smirk~  And there is so much more where this came from.
Mistress Peyton